Sedona & Gallup.

So I’m behind again so this too shall serve for two days.

Sedona yesterday. Absolutely beautiful. Strolled through a steam and took some photos with RC and Matt. Went to dinner at L’Auberge, a super nice place with creekside seating. 

Today Drove to Gallup, New Mexico for the National Junior High School Rodeo. Took some alright photos, may upload some later not now though.

I’m ready to be home.

Rodeo again tomorrow morning. Then off to Sante Fe for tomorrow night. Three nights there then home. Not sure if I’ll post anymore… I’m getting quite burnt out and as the trip goes on my experiences become less and less exciting.



[Creekside for dinner]

Two days behind [again].

So I’m two days behind again. I’m make this brief as I’m not sure if I can even finish it at this moment.

So on Monday we drove from Eugene to San Francisco, a pretty easy drive. Ate at Aliotos, coffee at the Buena Vista, and then got to get some In-‘N-Out!  You know me, it would have killed if I couldn’t get at least a burger. Matt brought a friend around for the night and she was great!

Tuesday was the long haul. It normally takes about 12 to go from SF to Sedona, AZ and with an hour or so for breakfast and lunch we were looking at 13 hours on the road. We left at seven and got in about eight. Not much to report about that drive. 

Following are some photos.



[Buena Vista, famous for inventing the Irish Coffee]

[In-‘N-Out, famous for being awesome]


I’ve said it once, I may say it a million times, Brian Lanker was an amazing person.

Photography-wise he is the best. He did some of the greatest portraits of all time, SI, SI: Swimsuit Edition [back when it was art and not a step away from pornography], advertising, several books, spot news and marvelous features. He had too many awards to count.

As a person he was unmatched. From the hundred plus people present at his memorial service today, that was easy to see. One by one friends and family took the stage sprinkled with slideshows of Brian’s photos and photos of Brian. 

From Brian’s son to best friends, including Maya Angelou, the parade of praise could not be stopped. As Angelou put it, he was a man, not simply in terms of gender, not a male, but a real man. He provided hope to so many, including her, and simply made an indelible imprint on everyone he met, including me.

But the true character of Lanker shone through in the music choices of the service. The first song, “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon, could not be more symbolic for his love of photography. Second was another of his favorites, “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, proving how crazy he really was. And finally, at the end of the service, Brian’s one request before he passed was a live mariachi band.

No matter the task, whether winning a Pulitzer or Christmas card photos for friends, he took the job very seriously. He inspired so many people and changed so many lives.

Lanker lived a fantastic life that I think we can all learn from. Do your best, have fun, laugh often, cook well, shoot a lot and love everyone.

Simply amazing.

Thank you Brian for all that you did for me, although I only knew you briefly, you changed my life more than you could ever know. 



"Not a bad try."

I had RC look through my selects from the past two days. He said, “Not a bad try.” I think I’ll take that as a complement, though I’m not sure what he meant by it.

In any case today wasn’t too bad. 

A luncheon with some hundred people at La Perla, a delicious Eugene restaurant, dedicated to telling stories about the late, great Brian Lanker. The tales were humbling, sad, hilarious and everything in between. 

After that Carl Davaz, who I’ve mentioned before, had another get-together at his house where he, his wife and daughter had some very good food. The folks that showed there were all at the 20inthecar reunion, however it was pretty small, some thirty folks.

Tomorrow is the actual service where there are a few hundred people expected. Brian [I feel like I don’t deserve to call him by his first name because of how great he was, but he insisted on it] had many, many friends far and near. The great mass of people telling stories about him today and the anticipation of the masses tomorrow really got me thinking about the what I think it means to be a good man. 

Brian was someone who was quite accomplished in the world of photography, but was above all a great guy. Someone with that many people who cared for him so deeply just goes to show that he truly was a good man.

Below are some photos photos I tried yesterday. Like I said earlier, RC didn’t really like them but I though they were alright. You tell me what you think.



[Camelita Jeter {second from right, in focus} went on to win the 100m with a time of 10.74]

[Having fun with shadows]

[Having fun with slow shutter, would have been better if I could have done it later in the evening. Note: RC hated the lens flare. What do you think?]

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